One year, One Month

It’s been 1 year and 1 month since my last post. Shit loads have happened.  Most important for the time being are these:

I am now resident DJ at V Society Wednesdays in Hollywood.  Here’s a teaser video from Ragz The Bear:

Also, I’m DJing at The FETISH APOCALYPSE this weekend!  Check out the promo video (by the same awesome dude).

Logic Pro

I’ve been making music on and off for several years. Since I made the switch to Laptop DJ I figured I’d get the “best” quality laptop out there, and got myself a Mac.  Since then I’ve learned to love the mac for the things its good at.  So I eventually decided to put aside my attempts at making music via FL Studio and give Logic a test.

Shit is complicated.

Enter:Logic Pro classes.  I took a 3 day intensive workshop on the Logic and passed my Logic Pro test with flying colors.  I am now an Apple “Certified Pro” on Logic Pro, Level One.  Basically that means I know enough about logic to help pretty much any beginner out there.

The corollary to that is, I am now trying to make my music  Logic.  Surprisingly, its going well. So well in fact that I’m going to take the level two class in October and become a pro in all things Logic.

After that, if I cannot successfully make music I’m obviously just mentally deficient.  Or talent deprived. Your choice.

P.S. See my Cert graphic on the right nav!  Over there —–>

Missing! Some DJ guy!

It’s been awhile since I posted.  Mostly I’ve been obsessing over the NIN Wave Goodbye tour.

I went to the show @ the Fonda last night and was blown away. Nearly 3 hours of NIN. More guests there then in the We are the World song. It was fucking brilliant. Before that was the show at the Palladium where they played The Downward Spiral in its entirety.

I’ve been having lots of NIN time recently so I’ve been kinda forgetting to DJ, or even attempt to DJ.  That said I DID break out my shit over the weekend and do a little practice set.  Two months since I’ve DJ’d and I still haven’t lost anything. I think I need to expand my DJ sets to include something MORE than just mixing. Make it more like a show than a set. Something entertaining.

Or I need to get off my ass and make a club. And some music.  I have a NIN inspired song written in my head. If only I could convert it to something audible as easily as my head can make it.

Links to threads about the shows I’ve attended recently:

Henry Fonda

Hollywood Palladium

Where else do I get music?

Chrome Girl does a lot of searching for herself, and I’ll skim her folders for stuff.  Beatport we both check, but she also checks the Electro House charts on Juno.  You can find good stuff there, but it’s fewer and further between.  Also a nice DJ repository for music is Digital Eargasm which is my best worst kept secret.

While I’m at work I also stream music from various places.  Digitally Imported for electro house, Last FM for a good mix of everything as well as Shoutcast.

All that said, having the places I listen to and/or acquire music isn’t enough for you to re-assemble my sets.  It’ll give you some nice places to start… however, as both Chrome Girl and I can tell you for every good song you hear there’ll be another thousand that suck.

Good luck 😉

Bitch Suck My 12 Inch

Co-worker sent me this song.  It’s… uh… dirty… and VERY ravey.  But it makes me laugh.

DJ Inphinity – Inch

I mean seriously. I need to sample it 😉

As a side note: I’m still unclear if he is saying “suck my 12 inch cock” or “suck my 12 inch vinyl record” … If this was hip hop I’d say cock, but since its rave music and he IS a DJ… I am leaning towards vinyl.

Weird iPod Randomness

Ever put your iPhone/iPod on random and realize you are listening to a song you don’t remember downloading?  That’s happening to me right now… and I totally dig the track that came up.

First State – Falling (first state mix)

It’s a little trancier than I normally go for, but the electro bass is pretty sweet.  I’m also a sucker for good short female vocals.  Woo!  The track right after that is one I expect everyone to already own.

BSOD – Better Sounding on Drugs

I love having my iPhone on random. 4,000 songs of pure sex.