Yearly check in

Looks like I show up on this blog once a year. Something about Summer inspires me I guess. Here’s the updates… which after checking my site stats are only for me since I average about 15 views a year… lol

  • DJing Still monthly at Sinister. 18 year Anniversary night is soon.
  • Guested at Malediction one night (first time ever), and had the Ball recently… so… same old same old.
  • Still haven’t started a club, or spent enough time to investigate it.
  • Edited the blog theme and added a stream from my twitter and instagram in the right nav since thats likely to be updated more often.
  • Obsessively looking for music in all the right places. Below is my current favorite song… I found it a few months ago and can’t stop listening to it. I have other newer songs that I love as well, but this one is just absurdly good.

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