Month: September 2010

Studio 69 By Perish

Last month, my buddy Perish had this event called Studio 69.  It kinda went off.  Check the video from last months event below.

(see me for a second dancing? yay!)

This next months event is scheduled for this Friday.  Click HERE for the Facebook event page.

Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets for BROKEN CHROME which is in just a few weeks!

Logic Pro

I’ve been making music on and off for several years. Since I made the switch to Laptop DJ I figured I’d get the “best” quality laptop out there, and got myself a Mac.  Since then I’ve learned to love the mac for the things its good at.  So I eventually decided to put aside my attempts at making music via FL Studio and give Logic a test.

Shit is complicated.

Enter:Logic Pro classes.  I took a 3 day intensive workshop on the Logic and passed my Logic Pro test with flying colors.  I am now an Apple “Certified Pro” on Logic Pro, Level One.  Basically that means I know enough about logic to help pretty much any beginner out there.

The corollary to that is, I am now trying to make my music  Logic.  Surprisingly, its going well. So well in fact that I’m going to take the level two class in October and become a pro in all things Logic.

After that, if I cannot successfully make music I’m obviously just mentally deficient.  Or talent deprived. Your choice.

P.S. See my Cert graphic on the right nav!  Over there —–>