Month: May 2009

Just Added!

I’ll be DJing TWICE this upcoming weekend.

Come see me Friday @ Miss Kitty’s Parlour – Birthday Bash for Miss Kitty where I will be on the decks ALL night long.  ♫All Night!♫

I’ll also be doing a an hour long set @ Bondage Ball Hollywood on Sunday.

Expect both nights to ROCK!

Where else do I get music?

Chrome Girl does a lot of searching for herself, and I’ll skim her folders for stuff.  Beatport we both check, but she also checks the Electro House charts on Juno.  You can find good stuff there, but it’s fewer and further between.  Also a nice DJ repository for music is Digital Eargasm which is my best worst kept secret.

While I’m at work I also stream music from various places.  Digitally Imported for electro house, Last FM for a good mix of everything as well as Shoutcast.

All that said, having the places I listen to and/or acquire music isn’t enough for you to re-assemble my sets.  It’ll give you some nice places to start… however, as both Chrome Girl and I can tell you for every good song you hear there’ll be another thousand that suck.

Good luck 😉

Bitch Suck My 12 Inch

Co-worker sent me this song.  It’s… uh… dirty… and VERY ravey.  But it makes me laugh.

DJ Inphinity – Inch

I mean seriously. I need to sample it 😉

As a side note: I’m still unclear if he is saying “suck my 12 inch cock” or “suck my 12 inch vinyl record” … If this was hip hop I’d say cock, but since its rave music and he IS a DJ… I am leaning towards vinyl.

Weird iPod Randomness

Ever put your iPhone/iPod on random and realize you are listening to a song you don’t remember downloading?  That’s happening to me right now… and I totally dig the track that came up.

First State – Falling (first state mix)

It’s a little trancier than I normally go for, but the electro bass is pretty sweet.  I’m also a sucker for good short female vocals.  Woo!  The track right after that is one I expect everyone to already own.

BSOD – Better Sounding on Drugs

I love having my iPhone on random. 4,000 songs of pure sex.


Less than 45 minutes after posting my first blog about music I’m into at the moment it’s already been stolen and cross posted by a spam blog.  Gotta love technology.  That said I do love technology.

I now have twitter set up auto update whenever I post to here, and Facebook set up to update certain posts as well.  I’ve been the future and it fucking rules.